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Transform IAM Strategy

Transform Your IAM Strategy with Identity Bridge

As a leading provider of advanced identity and access management solutions, Identity Bridge, an API Engine, offers robust options for securing access to enterprise applications, whether deployed in the cloud or on-premises.

Our platform empowers businesses to seamlessly manage identities, control access, and govern their infrastructure with utmost efficiency and security across diverse deployment environments. It brings together a comprehensive suite of features to streamline identity and access management, access governance, provisioning, deprovisioning, joiner and leaver programs, privilege access management, seamless integration, and data security.

Invest in Security. Transform your
IAM Strategy

Our mission is to simplify identity and access management for organizations of all sizes and industries. We strive to provide innovative solutions that enable seamless integration, robust security, and streamlined processes.

Experienced Team

Our team comprises of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the field of IAM.


Our solutions are designed to help organizations meet and exceed their compliance obligations.

Customer-Centric Approach

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and tailor our solutions accordingly.

Indigenous Solution

We leveraged our decades of experience as a pure-play IAM solution provider to design this indigenous platform.

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