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Identity Bridge, a cutting-edge API Engine
and a dynamic multiplexer for IAM solutions,
simplifies identity management, enhances
security, and maximizes your ROI.

Key Features

Experience the Power of Identity Bridge

Identity Bridge empowers businesses to seamlessly manage identities, control access, and govern their infrastructure with utmost efficiency and security across diverse deployment environments. It offers robust options for securing access to enterprise applications, whether deployed on cloud, on-premises or in hybrid set-up.


Integrate IAM with a variety of external, identity-aware applications.


Automate user provisioning, deprovisioning, and access control.


Ensure efficiency and security across diverse deployment environments.


Highly scalable, adapting to evolving demands of your growing business.

Seamless Integration, Endless Possibilities

Identity Bridge serves as the ultimate integrator, bridging the gap between various applications and databases. Whether you are working with cloud-based applications, on-premise systems, or a hybrid environment, our solution enables you to securely access data from diverse sources.

Identity Bridge Process Diagram


How Identity Bridge Simplifies IAM?

Identity Management

Streamline management of user identities

Access Governance

Implement robust access governance practices


API Engine

Simplify access control & identity management

App On-Boarding

Centralize governance for app onboarding


Ensure compliance with industry regulations

Joiner & Leaver

Streamline on-boarding & off-boarding of users

Cloud & Hybrid

Integrate cloud, on-premises & hybrid

Easier Deployment

Efficient deployment for quick implementation

Simplified IAM Integration

Take control of your identities with customized solutions

Enterprise Standard

Small & mid-sized enterprises looking for essential IAM capabilities

Enterprise Pro

Advanced funtionality to meet complex IAM needs of large organizations.

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