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Reduced manual intervention and duplicity

IAM is all about achieving synchronization between identities and systems, having correct access. Nowadays, Organizations have multiple IAM systems to manage identities. This results in IAM systems operating in a silo and lack of synchronization. To fix the identity related challenges, organizations have to invest in increased and expensive manual effort which further causes duplication of identities and effort.

Protocol driven Identity conversion and Integration

Identities are often pulled from multiple trusted sources and directed to the IAM based on the rules and the roles configured that allows the access to the targeted systems. If we pull the identity from a targeted system and treat it as a trusted source, we will land up in an inconsistent and incomplete identity. This is what todays cloud Identity management systems are doing. Our approach would be to make any IAM system a trusted source for complete identity information to be used across. Our identity bridge solution does not convert an identity from a target system, rather it pushes the complete identity to the cloud Identity management system and applications, if needed, irrespective of the protocol used.

Simplifying management of Application Integrators

Many applications today, remain disconnected from the mainstream applications, requiring the organizations to manage their identities separately. Identity Bridge can be used to connect these applications with any cloud Identity management system or on-premise Identity management system. This eliminates the costly effort of developing any integrator for these complex integrations. Our identity bridge user interface provides a simplified management of these integrations.