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Optimized Integration

Optimized Integration

Enabling businesses to achieve robust integration
Multiple target sources might store duplicate/conflicting information. Therefore, interaction of the different IT systems across the network might result in conflicting results. This kind of integration is tough to mend and expensive to fix.

Multiple target sources can make the IT system inefficient. Proper integration to streamline multiple target sources can set the system in order.

Bring together information from multiple Active Directories through transactional process implemented through Identity Bridge.


  • Management of multiple active directories can be completely remove.
  • Optimized integration by breaking free of bridges to integrate with active directories.
  • Achieve real-time identity information flow between multiple IdM setup.
Are connectors necessary for seamless integration of IAM technology with Cerner’s system? If you are looking for a seamless interface between your identity and access management infrastructure and Cerner records, then it is crucial to use connectors. This will enable your organization to centrally manage personal records without the necessity to logging into Cerner directly. Cerner User Provisioning is taken care of by the connectors which provide error free integration of IAM technology. Connectors, such as Identity Bridge, work in sync with LDAP Virtual Gateway. These in turn provide an industry standard, enterprise LDAP v3 interface, which connects Cerner and the Identity management application that you might be using. Further, connectors are developed using SPML v2.0 interface. It supports Account management and Profile Management actions. It works even when EMR implementation of your organization is not configured with LDAP for authorization or authentication. Personnel management functions are completely automated by connectors such as Identity Bridge which many administrators of Cerner User Provisioning are currently handling manually on a per request basis. The connector can be used as a trusted virtual administrator which can provide lifecycle management securely. It also increases auditability of all user profiles. The deployment and integration of our out-of-the-box connector does not take more than a few days. This was possible only because of our standard access point. With standard access point, you can bridge cross platform technologies and vendors using connectors such as Identity bridge. You don’t have to rewrite any connector integrators for integration. If you are wondering what will happen if your IAM objectives change, then you can simply alter your connector with your new objectives and that will serve your purpose completely. The connector can also be used to Create (add) account, View account, Enable account, Disable account, Manage passwords, and Change account along with Cerner user provisioning. Some benefits among many others of adopting connectors are: • Getting real-time policy & compliance auditing • Source environment data mining capabilities • Extended IDM governance capabilities • Enhanced performance • Support for IDM upgrades & migration activities • Act as a data repository to support data mining capabilities • Standard LDAPV3 interface • Lower TCO and increased ROI • Streamlined and automated IAM capabilities These above points are immensely important to eliminate complex developments, some of which could be costly ones. Also, it will help you in extending the ROI in your current technology investments. Using connectors can bring in efficiency in your healthcare organization. Integrating healthcare initiative with Health Information Technology can make your pace of work brisk. With automating most of your patient management system, you can focus more on core aspects related to your organization. You can emphasis on expansion of your services and manage your funds with a dedicated approach. Connectors can help your hardware and software to be used to the maximum extent possible, thus, giving you the room for better utilization of devices that you may have included earlier. It helps you scale up or down your requirements with the help of cloud technology. The patients and medical practitioners are also go