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Avancer's Identity Bridge

Simple, Secure and Robust Integration

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Provision and Federate Users Create, update, enable, disable & delete identities on multiple IAM Platforms in one go.
Protocol based Access Governance Replicate correct and required access to IT Assets to ensure multiple IdM platforms work are in-sync.
Role-specific Access Management Ensure access to IT Assets are extended to authorized users for maintaining least privilege access.
Synchronized for Interoperability Exchange information related to users, identity and access from On-Premise IAM to On-Cloud IAM and vice versa.
System Administration Monitoring & Reporting Tasks A robust admin portal to detect duplicity, merge identities, add multiple identity systems, bulk upload users to multiple systems and more.
Supports Audit & Compliance Complete audit feature for logs and any commands passed on through the system, for login and access related details.
Identity Management Integration 1:1 N:N
Supported Platforms
On-Premise Oracle, SailPoint
On Cloud Okta, Centrify
Applications Salesforce, Cerner, Epic