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Why do we need Identity Bridge?

A lot of cloud applications that are being used for day to day business operations. This required creation of identities directly on the application or on the cloud based Identity Management system. This gives a problem of overlapping identity information, and duplicate efforts are required to manage those identities while maintaining parallel IAM Ecosystems. IT Department should achieve consistency in identity management and overcome a constant struggle of maintaining two consistent IdM platforms.

Taking away the pain of establishing integration between parallel Identity Management Platforms, Identity Bridge is a customizable software that allows IAM platforms On-Cloud and On-Premises to interact seamlessly.

What does Identity Bridge do?


Provision and Federate Users | Consistency between On-Premises and Cloud

Create, update, disable, enable and delete identities in a synchronized way to form an indigenous IAM infrastructure. It uses standardized SSO to bring consistency with partner application.




Protocol based Access Governance | Bring access dynamism in line

Replicate correct and required access to IT Assets on a defined fashion to ensure that multiple IdM platforms work in tandem and they are not out-of-sync.





Role-specific Access Management | Standardization of role based requirements

Manage access to IT Assets by granting authorized roles to users to maintain least privilege access. The system ensures that a business role created in On-Premise is also available in cloud platform and is assigned relevant access.



Synchronized for Interoperability | Interaction between multiple IAM platforms

Exchange information related to users, identity and access details from On-Premise IAM to On-Cloud IAM and vice versa. It is crucial for a strong interoperability amongst IAM Systems.




System Administration | Enhanced capabilities for IT department

Stay on top to pass commands easily by making use of a robust admin portal to conduct tasks such as detecting duplicity, merge identities, adding multiple identity systems, bulk uploading users to multiple systems and more.





Monitoring & Reporting Tasks | Control over commands passed through

Get IAM specifics quantifiable reports related to the traffic metrics that flows between On-Premises and On-Cloud Identity Management Systems.





Supports Audit & Compliance | Attends to compliance based requirements

Complete audit  feature for logs and any commands passed on through the system, for login and access related details. Enables transparent connections between Identity Management Systems.