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The Cloud Provisioning

What is Identity Bridge?

IT secures and simplifies application access with Identity Bridge

When Avancer turns to a legacy identity solution, proves its ability to keep employee identities secure across a rise in the number of internal, cloud, and mobile platforms. With a single solution, Identity Security fills the gap of IT Access, physical access, OT Access, behavior patterns, and risk profile of a unified identity profile.

User Lifecycle

Lead Fintech to the Cloud and Modernize IT

Seamless Automation

Automate various time-consuming tasks for cloud provisioning, de-provisioning, and resetting passwords to keep IT focused on business transformation.

Cloud Provisioning

Centralize for managing users and access for both cloud and on-premises resources on a single platform.

Improve Productivity

IT security helps to connect your users to applications within a short time and offers out-of-the-box integrations for ample cloud, on-prem, and mobile apps.

Network Security

The center of control provides authentication policies to provide IT security and corporate network.

Automatic provisioning

Secure access control

Flexibility for admins

Proactive monitoring

Onboarding Application

Depending on specific requirements, Avancer can manage both your security and development with onboarding applications. The team ensures guidance on best practices and remediation assistance. Leading onboarding applications allows accessing cloud provisioning tools with both secure and user-friendly solutions.

Identity for compliance management

For compliance management, some essential requirements include PCI DSS, user identity management, and Access Management Control provided to protect data security and privacy.

Business benefit

 Identity Bridge plans for a better-enhanced solution on inter-operability between any platform On-Premises or On-Cloud. The Identity Bridge Management view the parallel context for businesses to make close any vulnerability related to infrastructure in the cloud or On-Premises.

Product Purpose

In many business settings, IT security is synchronized with Identity Management capabilities that involve the user in legacy systems. Various technologies are stitched into a single system. A wide range of options is available for the user while preferring the system.


For handling all identity lifecycle events, Avancer’s Identity Bridge can be used to provision or de-provision processes. The User Identity Bridge helps to enrich user access with multiple positions and organizations.

Out of the box integration

Identity Bridge ensures intelligent integration in the Hybrid IdM setting and also brings together Hybrid IAM Systems. It ensures effective automation of IAM capabilities and helps to achieve cost-effective process flows in Cerner, EPIC, OKTA, and more. Identity Bridge helps to solve integration challenges and makes effective automation of IAM capabilities in both cloud and On-Premises such as catching duplicate identities and reducing manual intervention.

Industry Specific

Avancer’s Identity Bridge can be used to handle all identity lifecycle events to provision or de-provision users in Cerner.

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Towards Intelligent Integration

Solve integration challenges and ensure effective automation of IAM capabilities.

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