Cerner Integration


Avancer’s Identity Bridge can be used to handle all identity lifecycle events to provision or de-provision users in Cerner. Identity Bridge can enrich user access with multiple positions and organizations. It can also provide reports on employee demographics and category report groupers during user creation and user updates. Each of these functions can be performed real time or on a predefined schedule.

Functions Offered

1 Create user Creates users in cerner
2 Update user attributes Updates user entity attributes in Cerner
3 Enable user Enables user access to Cerner
4 Disable user Disables user access to Cerner
5 Password management Enables password management of all the users provisioned to Cerner
6 Add position Enables user to be enlisted for multiple positions in Cerner
7 Application access integration Facilitates access of every user based on entitlements such as position, department and groups, access guidelines and healthcare industry regulations